Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shadegg in trouble in CD3

I just received a report from a national pollster not aligned with either CD 3 campaign indicating that incumbent Republican John Shadegg is extremely vulnerable with less than 40 percent of voters supporting him for re-election.. Typically, an incumbent with a re-elect number of under 50 is considered to be in trouble. Here are some highlights:

1. 39% say they would re-elect Shadegg, 38% say they would support someone else

2. Shadegg has a 25% Favorable rating and a 22% Unfavorable rating. Again, terrible for any candidate, let alone a 7-term incumbent.

To see the 3-page pollling memo, go to:

And last week Mayor Phil Gordon endorsed Bob Lord for the District 3 seat:

I'd say Bob Lord is having a good week.

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